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Walnut Twin Neck Vessel
Walnut Twin Neck Vessel

Walnut Twin Neck Vessel

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Like a large river stone re-imagined in wood, with soft curves that defy the material, or a strange and compelling creature. This vessel is a sculptural object that can stand on its own as a work of art. Twin openings may be used to display dried flowers, plants, and anything else you come up with. 

Note: This vessel is made on a limited basis. Due to the handmade nature of the piece and the material, each piece may have small variations in color or shape. This image is a representation of the style. Please contact us if you would like us to provide images of the piece currently available.

Ashley Martin, Ash Woodworking Co.
Made in Asheville, NC

Approximately 6" x 12"

Ashley Martin is a self-taught craftsman. His work stems from his childhood in rural southwestern PA, where summers were spent whittling in the woods and working with his father as a cabinetmaker and furniture builder. While formally trained in Aviation and Meteorology at Ohio University, Ashley began Ash Woodworking Co. in 2016 to pursue creative endeavors. 

Each piece is crafted utilizing hand tools and drawing on traditional techniques.  Abstracted from forms in nature, his work reflects an exploration of the environment and the forces which shape our surroundings. Ashley continues to push the boundaries of both his concepts and skill to maintain the integrity of each project, from conception and materials to final formation.

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