ACACIA is a collection of thoughtfully considered objects that balance aesthetics with function, that showcase the work of emerging and established designers and craftspeople.  Most are useful and beautiful, well-crafted goods for the home, but there is also a small smattering of goods -- for our beloved pets, for ourselves -- that hew to the same principles. I'm searching for that intersection of design, craft, and durability, for objects that you will love and want to keep around for a long time.

I started Acacia in the fall of 2012 in San Francisco, CA, as an experimental second act. It is a place where I have been able to explore and present my aesthetic sensibilities and ideas while hoping you'll follow along.  Although Acacia is my own small endeavor, a very small drop in a vast ocean, I strive to support ethical and sustainable production by being mindful of my sourcing decisions, in the belief that individual actions have a cumulative effect.  In its current location in the Mission District of San Francisco, ACACIA shares its space with a like-minded company, Heliotrope, a natural and locally made skin care line.  Please come visit! 

-- Lily, Owner