5" inch Kinto plant pot with saucer in light grey
Grouping of three Kinto plant pots - large light grey, medium light grey, and small dark grey -- on a white countertop in a bright room with a window. Each pot has a different plant potted in it.
Grouping of two Kinto pots - large dark grey and medium light grey - with plants - against a white background.

Kinto Porcelain Large Plant Pot, Light Grey

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The clean silhouette and matte glaze of this plant pot is made for minimalist spaces. A drainage hole lets excess water run out to keep away root rot. The matching saucer catches runoff and protects your floors, so it may be used indoors as well.


pot: φ5.4" x 4.2" H
saucer: φ5.4 x 0.6" H

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