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Waterproof Adventure Blanket - Deep Charcoal/Orange

Waterproof Adventure Blanket - Deep Charcoal/Orange

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Perfect for park picnics, outdoor movie nights, festivals, and camping alike, the Adventure Blanket was created by Portland-based Belmont Blankets in 2016 to solve the "wet bum" problem. This blanket is designed to be all purpose, with a waterproof, melange styled woven surface on one side, and a plush furry fleece lining on the other.

Use it on the ground as a blanket to sit on, or use it to wrap yourself up like a burrito. As a bonus, it has a simple, monochrome design in understated colors and a soft leather wrap, so you can take it anywhere.

The Adventure Blanket features:

  • a waterproof, breathable membrane incorporated to offer a rating of 10k/5k 
  • extra long furry fleece that work exceptionally well the cold or hot weather
  • antimicrobial textiles that won't hold the bad stuff and are washable
  • breathable fabrics that retain heat without overheating the customer's body
  • a binding edge: a soft, double folded cotton/polyester edge tape is sewn on the edge with industrial thread
  • a leather wrap: 100% bridle leather wrap, made from upcycled leather, is included for carrying and storage. 

Belmont Blanket
Made in Portland, Oregon

Approx. 5' x 6'
Recommended Care Instructions: machine wash cold and hang dry.

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