Muku Desk Clock - Acacia
Muku Desk Clock - Acacia
Muku Desk Clock - Acacia

Muku Desk Clock

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The Muku is the smallest of the family of Lemnos clocks, with an up-tilted round face and a petite footprint. Its diminutive stature tempts us to call it cute , though absolutely not in the cutesy sense; no, its simplicity and air of serenity preclude that. Viewed from the front, the Muku appears as a round object just at the moment of equipoise, but its angled base ensures your clock won’t be rolling away.

Made of wood remnants from the manufacture of other clock frames at Lemnos, each Muku is unique and no two clocks have the same wood grain. It also features silent sweep movement for quiet timekeeping.

Available in beech or alder wood.

Made in Toyoma, Japan.

3.5” W x 3.5” H x 2” D
Double A battery, included.

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