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snow peak cushions in green and orange. green cushion is unfolded and the orange is folded in half.
Snow Peak Green Lounge Cushion, unfolded on a white background.
Snow Peak Lounge Cushion
Snow Peak Lounge Cushion
Snow Peak Lounge Cushion
Snow Peak Lounge Cushion
Snow Peak green lounge cushion in the foreground on the floor. A low table with glasses of water and canisters are in the background.
Torso of person in lavendar colored and white striped shirt and jeans sitting on a folded Snow Peak orange cushion.
Snow Peak green cushion on a beige rug, next to a low table with tea and food. The arm of a person sitting outside thr frame holds a cup and is slightly blurred, suggesting motion.

Snow Peak Lounge Cushion

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The Lounge Cushion is a Japanese-designed ground seat for the outdoors or home. Use it for ground-level dining or relaxing whether you’re in camp, at the beach or on the patio. The Lounge Cushion folds in half for compact storage or to create a higher seat.

Snow Peak
Made in Japan

Material: Cotton Canvas, Urethane Foam
Size: 19" Dia x 1.9" H

Weight: 22 oz (650 g)

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