Thomson Paper Clock, Yellow

Thomson Paper Clock, Yellow

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Thomson Paper is a wall clock which combines the fine texture of wood and paper. The clock face is made of a felt mark paper called Mermaid®, with a unique texture called “Mermaid ripples” which was fancifully named after the ripples of the sea.

The distinction in textures of its face (paper), frame (plywood) and hands (ash) underlines the contrast of natural materials used.

The face of of the Thomson Paper Clock is made with a special die-cutting machine also used in the manufacture of puzzles (using a Thomson-type blade). This technique is used to "stamp out" the numbers, which have rounded outlines that drop soft shadows into the spaces stamped out. The distinct textures of the materials and the cubic effect created by the three-dimensional numbers on the clock face improve the function as an object for telling time.

※ Mermaid® is a registered trademark of TAKEO Co., Ltd., and was developed in 1956 under the supervision of Japanese designer Hiroshi Hara (1903-1986). It is paper with a felt-like texture created by pressing a specially woven felt during the paper making process.

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