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Hasami Porcelain 13 oz. Mug, Black - Acacia
Black Hasami Porcelain teapot is shown resting a marble counter top, with a black 11 oz mug next to it, and a black creamer in the foreground.
Hasami Porcelain 11 oz black mug resting on the natural coaster, sitting on a white marble counter top with a grey tile backsplash.
An assortment of Hasami Porcelain is shown a marble counter top: black teapot, black 11 oz mug with natural coaster, black 15 oz mug with a natural 13 oz mug stacked on top of it, and a natural creamer with a black lid.

Hasami Porcelain 13 oz. Mug, Black

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Made from a mixture of porcelain and clay, Hasami Porcelain has a tactile feel, modern form, and roots in Japan's pottery tradition.  

Designed to be multifunctional and stackable, pieces share the same diameter throughout the line, so that lids can be used as coasters as well as plates, and mugs can be stacked for easy transport or neatly in your cupboard.

The "black" line is a matte black/grey glaze with a contrast rim.  

Due to the nature of the product's material and production, there may be variation in color, texture and sometimes shape. 

Hasami Porcelain
Designed in California, Made in Japan

13 oz Mug:  3 1/2" H x 3 1/3" D
Lid/Coaster: 7/8" H x 3 1/3" D - sold separately here


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